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Existing problems with learning Software Testing and Development Skills

Students learn about solutions but aren’t exposed to identifying problems. Imagine the situations when you know what to do but you don't know why you do it. What is the fun in learning about encapsulation if you are not aware of the origin and need of the concept?


Training that makes you dependent

There are very few resources that truly expose the new engineer to build things on their own. True skillset is when you become independent and build on your existing skillset. Do you continue to feel that you understood everything during the training and on the day of applying it at the workplace, you go blank? It is not a problem with you. It is the problem of the training. Most training programs take simple examples and focus on completing the course.

How existing training programs or attempts fail

In-person training programs take a one-size-fits-all approach and are difficult to follow. Even if you understood the concepts, you will have to wait until everyone understands. In other cases, the group moves ahead and you feel left out and indeed you are left out on your own to figure out with peers (who are in fact learning along with you - remember a teenager guiding another teenager?)


Video courses digitize traditional content but do not solve any new problems. There are different learning styles - VAK ( Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic). Different people learn through a variety of styles. By focusing on one kind of learning style, you are left out and by the time you discover, it's too late and the instructors are not flexible enough to change the approach.

E-learning tends to be tedious, and hard to complete – and it misses practice, hands-on experience, and coaching. It looks exciting to begin with - learn at your own pace, no disturbance and the same factors pose a hindrance to the learning. Real learning happens when you hit a roadblock and you have a mentor to answer your questions, guide you in the self-discovery journey. Very few e-learning programs fulfill this huge gap.

Our success is in YOUR SUCCESS

We are focused on helping you succeed. We understand the pains of learning and have designed our programs to remove the barriers to learning. We place your needs on the table first followed by a customized training program. One of the key parameters which has helped us succeed is in clear articulation of pre-requisites and intended audience. We question a lot to understand your needs, incorporate regular feedback (even within a 1 day training program). We are flexible enough to cater to the learning individuals learning styles and expectations. 

Emphasis on Strong Fundamentals with Focus on the 60% Must Know Concepts

Subject matter experts with training experience across the world

20-20-20-40 Approach (Theory + Interactions + Practice + Hands-on Exercises)

Mentoring and coaching by design to instill job-relevant capabilities


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