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Value of LinkedIn profile for fresh graduates

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

What is LinkedIn?

I believe youngsters are a bit confused about LinkedIn. Most of them see it as a social media platform, like Facebook. And some see it as a site that lets you search for jobs. While both the views are seemingly correct but LinkedIn is not restricted to just networking and job search. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is intended for professionals and unlike job boards, LinkedIn lets you do more than just search for job openings. Your LinkedIn profile will do a great job as your online resume, career portfolio, and networking tool.

Why it is good to have a LinkedIn Profile?

The online version of your resume

These days, it’s common in the industry to ask for your LinkedIn profile which gives them a new perspective to assess you.

Apply to jobs

You can search and apply for jobs of your interest

Jobs come to you

Having a good LinkedIn profile, jobs could come to you if the company/employer thinks that you are a good fit for their requirements.

Networking around the world

Set your profile to public so that anyone can view the information.

Set yourself apart

Having a LinkedIn profile and being active on LinkedIn means that you are up-to-date with industry and are open to new opportunities

What to do on LinkedIn?

Get to know about the companies

These days almost all companies will have their LinkedIn profile. Start looking for the companies of your interest, know about the kind of work they do, the roles/positions that exist in their company, their requirements and much more. This helps you get more clarification on organizational structure and the kind of work you want to do in the future.

Build a strong network of professional contacts

Start by connecting with your peers and your university lecturers, then look for the industry that you want to work in. Having more connections from relevant industry helps you learn a lot from their profiles, their posts, etc. and more chance you have of being referred to a job role.

Prove your dedication

Having a LinkedIn account and constantly engaging yourself by updating your profile as a student proves that you are dedicated to pursuing a career and you prove that you’re putting in the time and effort required to succeed in your chosen career.

Let the companies find you

These days, when you apply for a job, your prospective employer will no doubt conduct an internet search into you. People who are hiring are looking at your profile on LinkedIn. In fact, if you’re not on LinkedIn, it makes them give a second thought about you. For example, is he/she not tech-savvy? or if he/she is not up-to-date with the industry.

Be prepared for interviews

You can conduct your own research into the company, and the employer, so that you can go to your interview as prepared as possible. When you are prepared, you’ll know what to ask the interviewer so that you can assess if this is a company where you want to work.

Get job alerts

You can program LinkedIn to send you job alerts for certain companies, industries or specific job titles so that you’ll never miss out on a great opportunity again.

LinkedIn is not just limited to the above-mentioned aspects. It provides a variety of opportunities to stay current on industry trends and timely topics. Read news from your connections, join professional groups, express your thoughts, etc. Be intentional about this, explore useful features of LinkedIn and you will have a more meaningful result for years to come.


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