Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
                                                        -Benjamin Franklin
Traditional training/education gives knowledge but not skills. Companies are looking for skills in you and it needs practice.

Building Skills

  • Our bootcamps not only introduce you to  technical concepts but also let you practice those concepts in our custom-built cloud environments

  • Our personalized, mentor-driven and the project-based mentoring program lets you showcase more than 200 hours of programming work​

Digitizing the delivery of the traditional curriculum is not the correct fix for the skill gap
  • We offer our courses as micro-learning modules where you will experience the learning around one concept in each module rather than bombarding with entire course at one go

  • Micro-learning aka bite-sized learning is the practice of delivering training in smaller, more focused chunks or bits that can be easily learned without committing large amounts of time to training

Skill building in chunks

Let us know your interest..
Let us know which course(s) you are interested in?
How do we do it?

Coding Guidelines

You are exposed to and made to follow coding guidelines, which brings standard discipline to learn programming language


Program starts with working on useful tools in a customised cloud platform

Watch and Learn

Inspired by the thought that, when you are an infant/toddler you learn things just by watching it. Here, you are made to review the ready made solutions to known problems and work on the same to get your version of it

Do and Learn

You are asked to recommend/build new solutions on your own and get your solutions reviewed by the mentor

Team work



You are routinely engage in team work and are exposed to delivering as team more than as individuals.

You are expected to report your team's progress to the mentor on regular basis


By the end of the program, you would have good exposure to tools, processes, frameworks and culture found in high performing teams of mature organisations


Job readiness

  • You'll have in-demand skills and aware of technologies used in industry which makes you stand out from others

Modular in nature

  • The bootcamp is modular in nature which lets you signup for one module at a time rather than the entire course at once

Course completion certificate

  • You will receive a course completion certificate if you finish all modules of any one program

Internship program

  • You will earn eligibility for internship program with us, if show satisfactory progress by the end of 4th module of any program

Free placement assistance

  • Those who complete all modules of certification program with satisfactory progress  will be eligible for placement assistance


  • Signing up for the complete program would give you an attractive discount and access to our customised cloud IDE for free

You will be working on..

Cloud IDE

You are given a customised cloud IDE to work on assignments 

Project Template

You will work on project template provided by us   


Challenges are curated in a way which is very close to the problems Engineers encounter on a typical job

We provide the online mentoring for the roles:

  • Software programmer

  • Automation Test Engineer

  • Full stack developer

  • Data science Engineer

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