Tasks Learning Organisations aims to accomplish 

  • Train the student in the said technology through classroom/online lectures/videos

  • Provide necessary resources to the student to practice what is learned in the class

  • Ensure students practice what they learn on assignments that are relatable to the real world work

  • Identify the students’ areas of weak comprehension through evaluation of the practice work he/she has done

  • Provide personal attention to students in resolving their queries during their practice sessions

  • Provide a comprehensive report of the progress made by each student and their strengths

Pain points at present

  • Institute/Learning Organisations could have very good faculty who can deliver training but the trainer’s  time needed to help the students to practice is significantly higher

  • Managing infrastructure and setting up practice exercises for the whole class needs significant resources

  • Evaluating work done by students and measuring the learning outcomes of the class is immensely expensive

  • Assisting students in solving their individual assignments is an impractical task even though the promise of good results is high


Cloud IDE to help Learning Organizations

  • Cloud-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) custom-built for the training program with necessary run-times preconfigured

  • 24/7 secure access for the student and mentor without any need for software installation 

  • Facilitates sharing the environment with the mentor to get guidance remotely

  • Readymade exercises to work on and self-evaluation by student

  • Mentor access to any of the student’s workspace helps to understand the issues faced by the student easily and provide the necessary guidance

  • Mentor will be able to remotely evaluate the students work

  • Workspace activity is monitored to report the usage of the workspace and practice activity centrally

Addressed pain


  • The mentor does not need to spend a lot of time setting up the environment for each student

  • The solution scales to any size of student batch without any significant effort

  • Preconfigured software and sample assignments help the user get started with programming practice immediately

  • The huge effort needed to evaluate each individual student’s work is eliminated through predefined exercises being auto evaluated 


  • Track the progress of your students in real-time as they work on your coding exercises.

  • Increased effectiveness of the training programs with a favorable outcome since programming practice can be focused on 

  • Using workspace live-sharing, you can interact with students during their coding sessions if needed

  • No huge upfront investment of time or money needed to get started with

  • Increases the engagement (time and distance not being a concern) between students and mentors and also among student peers thus enabling collaboration

  • Possibility of sharing the practice work done by the students with prospective employers thus increasing the chance of landing in a job

What is provided by Vivasa

  • On-demand work-spaces managed by Vivasa created, monitored and managed by Vivasa to any number of students

  • Each work-space can be accessed by mentor and student with dedicated logins for both

  • Mentor will have access to the centralised web application where usage metrics are automatically uploaded to (Dashboard is WIP)

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